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Mountain Bliss Day Spa 

Book a private sacred Ceremony at your home or venue with Adrian Davis & Oreion Anu Merlin.

Adrian Davis - Spirit Sound Dreaming, as he shares the sacred medicine of the 7 chakra tuned crystal singing bowl ceremony. Aligning your being to the magic of your soul, as he sweeps you away deeply with the sounds of flute, bowls and didgeridoo, grounding and supporting your next stage of your journey.

Oreion will be channeling a sacred DNA light activation to all present, awakening the hidden treasure that’s within each being that you are now ready to embody.

Duration 60-75 min

Gift of love for this sacred ceremony $333 Limit of 12 Guest.

Oreion has been working for many years in service as an Golden Emerald Crystal Guardian of Mother Earth since 2011. Traveling to sacred sites working on the grids as an anchor of the higher dimensional frequencies. Oreion is a gate keeper of the sacred portals of the earth as well as a code scrambler & record Keeper. Oreion has been healing with the sacred language of light since 2010, and wishes now to share her sacred medicine to all those that here the call.

Inquiries please call Oreion on 0424541971