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Mountain Bliss Day Spa 

All Gift Vouchers Have A One Year Expire Date 

All our services can be purchased on a gift voucher.

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Mountain Blissage One Hour Swedish Massage, bliss out with this relaxing coconut scented oil massage, flowing with long stokes and working on your tight muscles, finished with hot towels, foot reflexology, head and face massage. Loving Christmas gift for someone special in your life.

Gift Voucher $99

90 Min Swedish Massage Gift Voucher $150

Working deep Within the muscles, working on problem areas, trigger release therapy, finished with Hot towels, Head & Foot Massage. Great for anyone who has back problems, problem areas, tough stubborn areas that need releasing.

Gift Voucher $105 1.5 hr $150

For further details or to purchase by phone, please Call Mountain Bliss On 0424541971

A combination of pure essential oils intuitive selected for what is needed for each person to uplift & rejuvenate, with a warm coconut oil, placing hot stones along the spine to penetrating tight muscles, with foot reflexology, head and face massage.

Gift Voucher Special $150

For further details or to purchase by phone, please Call Mountain Bliss On 0424541971

Come Enjoy Mountain Bliss pregnancy, based on Swedish massage techniques. This is because of its particular benefits in reducing muscle tension and improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Warm oil working with long flowing techniques, with firm massage upon the back, helping to release those tight muscles. Hot Towels, head and foot massage. Lying on your back is not recommended past the first trimester so your positioning will be restricted to your tummy or your side. The therapist will have a range of pillows to support your belly and avoid extra muscular strain.

Benefits of ante-natal massage:

  • When done effectively, has been proven to reduce stress hormones within a pregnant woman’s body. It also increases the levels of hormones which tend to be low in women who are depressed.

  • It leads to a reduction in anxiety and free floating concerns. There is often an improvement in general mood following a massage.
  • Pregnant women often find a massage rejuvenates their energy because it gives them an opportunity to rest and completely relax.
  • For some pregnant women, massage can relieve nausea and heartburn. In others, it can make these worse though.
  • Relieves the everyday discomforts of pregnancy such as an aching neck, sore back, and heaviness in the pelvic bones, leg cramps, swelling of the ankles and feet and oedema (fluid retention).
  • Leads to muscle relaxation and relief of joint pain. Pregnancy massage can be particularly helpful for women who experience sciatic nerve pain.
  • Builds a feeling a sense of connectedness with another person as well as building a rapport. Many pregnant women experience a change in their intimate relationship with their partner and suffer from being “touch deprived”.
  • Pregnancy massage may improve the progression of labour with better health outcomes for both the mother and her baby. More relaxed mothers tend to have a lower risk of interventions during labour and birth.
  • Pregnancy massage can provide an opportunity for women to completely stop what they are doing and focus on the pleasure of having someone else do something just for them.
  • Improved sleep due to feeling less muscle tension and generally less uncomfortable. Gift Voucher Special $99 90 min $144

For further details or to purchase by phone, please Call Mountain Bliss On

Mountain Bliss Pure Indulgence 3 hr Package $299

Heavenly surrender to indulge in pure delight with our three hour indulgence of transcending all to embrace YOU...

this package is to open all the senses, working on every level of your being. With a rich array of oil blends that relax and help you to release and let go. Includes a 120 min Hot stone massage, Head and foot reflexology, salt glow to clear or the negative energies you may be holding onto, as well as your body absorbing the minerals of the Himalayan pink salts. a one hour facial with our organic beauty range of beauty products, Includes facial steam, cleanse, facial scrub, face, neck, eye massage, toner, moisturizer. Truly an experience like no other

For further details or to purchase by phone, please Call Mountain Blissage On 0424541971

The Gift Of Love Package With Oreion 2.5 Hours.

Are you looking for something really unique to give to someone special,

The healing package i have designed is for complete balancing on all levels of ones being. Each sessions varies depending on what a person needs. Its a combination of Massage, body work, beauty, Crystal healing, sound therapy, light language activations, i work with your higher self to bring forth your higher soul frequencies that work within your DNA to transform old patterning's and anchoring the higher codes for self realisation and to let go of anything that no longer serves your path any longer. This is a deep healing and transformational journey, that is unique to each person, truly a gift from the soul.

this session is two and half hour package.

3 days ago-

What a truly amazing and uplifting experience! Thank you so much Oreion!! 😀 I had the Gift of Love package while staying in Mt Tamborine for a few days last week. It was a special treat to myself for my birthday and I'm soooo glad I did it! It was such a beautiful experience and incredibly therapeutic. I'm still feeling the benefits now. I am absolutely convinced that Oreion is a very gifted woman. She focussed on me intently and generously for two and a half hours! She used a different approach to what I've had anywhere else and it was definitely the best massage I've ever had. But it was much more than that - it was a great healing experience. Be kind to yourself and give yourself the Gift of Love - you will be transported to another level away from the stress and pain that can consume us, to where you will find peace and love.


Testimony By Mikailah Rachael

Mikailah Rachael reviewed Mountain Bliss Day Spa In House & mobile, Mount Tamborine5 star

3 November at 14:11 ·

The Gift of Love package is suited to the individual's needs each & every time which I personally appreciate. We all have different requirements on different days from the practical & grounded to the more Cosmic ...Oreion offers professional massage therapy combined with energy balancing & healing from the deepest place of self-love & restoration. It truly is a Gift of Love. I'm calmer, balanced, grounded & have clarity on all levels. Thank you for being You.

Testimony: Cathy Morgan

One of the best treatments i have ever had!!!i feel incredible, thank you soooo much Oreion, you truly are a gift to the world. I had Oreion signature treatment, the gift of love, was so much more then i could imagined, her massage style is really profound, when i walked in i was a mess, i have not felt this good for years, Oreion works on all levels, gave me what i needed, thank you again for such a gift, i will be making this a regular thing to gift myself. Kind regards Cath Morgan.

Gift Voucher $277

For further details or to purchase by phone, please Call Mountain Blissage On 0424541971